About Us

Code Sector is a software company that was founded in 1999 with the goal of developing personal and small-business applications for Microsoft Windows. Since then, many of our software titles have received positive reviews from leading computer publications such as CNET and PCWorld. Our latest Windows-based application, TeraCopy, was the winner of Lifehacker's Hive Five for best alternatives to the default Windows copy handler.

In 2009, we started developing for the Google Android mobile platform and have been progressing along with it since then. We have developed several Android applications such as Maverick and SpeedView, the latter of which was featured in the Android Market.

Our goal was always to develop practical and easy-to-use applications. By focusing on several products, directing our efforts towards development and support, and minimizing corporate overhead, we wanted to deliver maximum value to our users. Today, we have an excellent development team and remain committed to continuously upgrade our software.

Please note that all of our software products are available as free evaluation versions. These versions do not expire, so you can take as long as you need before deciding if they are right for you. Once you are sure that an application meets your needs, you can buy it directly from our online shop using your credit card, PayPal or other payment methods.

In addition, we offer a lifetime license with all our software products. This means that you will be able to update your software online, for free, and for a lifetime. It will allow you to keep up to date with all the core features and functionality as our products mature.

As we are not a big company that makes billions of dollars no matter what, using stolen versions of our software products really hurts us and our ability to continue making quality software. All our applications are reasonably priced, and with a genuine license, you can be sure that the software will still work when the next version comes along. We can only continue to develop interesting new applications whilst they remain commercially successful, so if you want to use them, please reward us for our hard work.

Contact information

Code Sector Pty Ltd
ACN: 669 815 507

Level 18, 324 Queen Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

We recognize that our users are our most important asset and we try to offer a true support system where you do not need to wait for days to get a response.

If you have any problems with one of our applications, please visit our Knowledge Base first. It provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as tips, hints and other information. If you do not find a solution there or if you have other questions about our software products, please contact us. We try to quickly respond to all questions submitted in the order they are received.

Thanks to great suggestions from our users, we routinely add improvements to our software. We are very interested in any ideas for improvements or changes to our current products, so please free to post them on our blog, where you can also find our latest news and updates.

Thank you for your interest in Code Sector products.