Here I Amfor Google Android

Let people know where you are! This application can send an SMS or email containing your coordinates and a link to Google Maps. This link can also be opened in the Maps application on an Android device or iPhone, and can be used as an endpoint for driving directions.

This app can utilize location information from both GPS satellites and wireless networks. Using GPS satellites to track location allows for maximum accuracy, so it is the application's preferred method. If you have the "Use GPS satellites" option disabled under the Location & security settings on your device, Android will try to determine your location via a technique called triangulation that depends on availability of cell tower and Wi-Fi access points.

Example message

My Location:
48°51'28.99", 2°17'39.34"
Parc du Champ de Mars, Paris,02.29426

Additional features

  • Copy the current location to clipboard.
  • Insert the last know location.
  • Open your current location in the Maps app.
  • Specify output coordinates display format.
  • Display either the address or elevation.
Important GPS tips: It can take about 45 seconds to acquire satellite signals when you first start the application, or roughly 15 seconds if it has been used recently. Because the signal cannot pass through solid non-transparent objects, GPS requires an unobstructed view of the sky to work correctly. Thus, signal reception can be degraded by tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, mountains, etc. Also, moving around while locking onto several satellites makes it harder for those separate signals to triangulate your exact location. Please try to stand still when receiving a GPS fix, unless there is absolutely no alternative.

Download information

The best way to download or purchase one of our Android applications is directly from the Market app pre-installed on your device. Alternatively, you can do it from the Android Market website using the buttons provided below. If, for some reason, you are having problems downloading this application from the Market app and from the Android Market website, you can obtain an APK file with the latest free version on our Downloads page.

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"Sending the SMS or email message is blissfully simple, and additional options - such as the ability to copy your location to a clipboard so you can use it in other applications on your phone (such as cataloguing places of interest) - make it even more useful."Know Your Mobile


"Put to excellent use when on my usual road trips and pesky worrywarts want to know my progress."Shawn Chatwin